Course duration total: 65 hrs

What's included?


Personal Guides (5)

These are the vertebral column of our process. We feel, think and express it all in a profound guide that is analyzed and returned to you with questions and comments from your coach.


Final Learning Experience (1)

All of your personal process throughout the program will somehow conclude in this experience. It is a powerful and unforgettable 2 day event.


Ontological Coaching Sessions (5)

Ontological coaching sessions to enhance your personal growth.


Intensive Learning Experiences (2)

2 full day experiences where we will deepen our personal growth in an unforgettable way.


Live Group Meetings (5)

Learning together with people from around the globe who will undoubtedly become like family. 


Choice Agent Gatherings (3) 

Something clicks when we put into words what we are going through; we make flesh our personal growth. Once it goes through our bodies, there is no turning back.



The Revolution.

Take a step further to undo and re-do yourself again while connecting with your most profound inner self. Unleash an immeasurable potential in you that you did not know it existed, but you always had.

Make the difference

What will you get out of this course?

  • Deep understanding of your Way of Being, embracing what makes you unique and disarming limiting beliefs and fears that may be blocking your path today.

  • New perspectives to change behaviors and thought patters from its roots, enabling you to achieve whatever result you want to pursue in life.

  • Unlock and leverage your emotional world, making the most of a forever unexplored and misunderstood essential component of our lives.

  • Discover your body in an unprecedented way. Our bodies as a pool of infinite knowledge and wisdom.

  • Become the change you want to see in the world, starting from yourself, leading with the example.

Benefits of live.

Unlike pre-recorded webinars, live interaction amongst participants and your coach is a key element of this course. It does not only enable you to learn from other people’s experiences (and to realize we are not alone as we are all more or less the same), but it also allows you to answer any questions and bounce off any ideas or concerns that you may have at that time. 

Although the course has a plan, live interaction allows us to deviate from plans accordingly to the groups’ needs. Each of us is an ever evolving living cell, and so is this course. There are no 2 the same.

Who is the course for?

This course is for anyone seeking profound personal growth. It is for those who dare to look deep inside into places which may have been overlooked for some time; places that hold enormous power to be released. It is for those seeking to find themselves, to get to know their essence, and become friends with their fears and strengths.

Finally, it is for those who want to love themselves as per who they are, while at the same time, choosing consciously who they want to be.

If you would like to get full in depth information about the course, contact us.

Program Differential

We combine different methods of learning that altogether, make an explosive combo that will undoubtedly mark your life. The fact that is extremely personalized (you will be in groups of no more than 8 participants), makes it unique and one of a kind.

Also, being a program open to the world, you will likely be sharing such special place with people from different cultures, ages, and so forth, enriching your experience in unforeseeable ways.


Lastly, we base ourselves in Ontology, an ancient  philosophy which studies the conception of the character of reality. As humans, we have perceptions of reality and our lives are determined by it. The branch of this philosophy that studies the human being is called Ontology of Language, which basically studies our Way of Being.


You can enroll in 'UCHOOSE 2: The Revolution' as a single standalone course or as a bundle with 'UCHOOSE 1: The Awakening' for further savings. 



UCHOOSE 2: The Revolution

  • Live Online Course

  • 4 Months / 65 hs 

  • Launch special! Save 50% (reg. $1000)




  • Live Online Course

  • 6 months / 81 hrs combined total

  • Save $300 vs individual prices

Quick Details.


Live Sessions via Web

(Zoom or similar)


August 2021


65 hrs 

4 Months


$499 - Launch Special!

(Reg $1,000)

About this course

This is the ultimate reconstruction of your being. Continuing UCHOOSE I – The Awakening* – we embark on an intense, profound and transformational journey that will, undoubtedly, transform your life.

We perceive personal evolution as endless and you will not, therefore, graduate as “Master of Yourself’. But – you will certainly reach a deep understanding of your way of being, what you want and do not want, who you want to be and who you do not want to be.  This course is designed to guide you towards solid grounds so that you make the most out of this life.

This program mixes a variety of learning methods and it is only for those who want to be the change they want to see in the world.


We seek personal transformation to see global transformation. For more love and less fear. And it all starts within.


What will you choose?

*If you have not done UCHOOSE I – The Awakening, see below for bundle offers.

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The Revolution

Meet your coach.

Paula is a spontaneous , good-humoured and down to earth woman who is passionate about what she does.

She has undergone profound transformation herself and it is her passion to guide people towards their own, should they be seeking for ti. She is a certified Ontological Coach as well as a business woman, friend, girlfriend and hopefully future mother.