Course duration total: 16 hrs.

What's included?


Optional reading material.


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More coaching sessions available upon request. To see available options please click here.


8 live group sessions of 2 hours each on a weekly basis (via Zoom or similar). Total of 16 hours.


3 personal guides revised & sent back with questions and comments from your coach to further deepen your self-awareness. 


1 ontological coaching session**. This is a 1 on 1 session with a certified coach that you may have anytime during the course. Lasts around 1 hour (via Zoom or similar)



The Awakening.

A lot of our suffering is caused by the way we see things and not by the way things are.

The Awakening is a wakeup call for you to identify, understand and start undoing self-barriers that are preventing you to get where you want in life.

Make the difference

What will you get out of this course?

Self-awareness about thought patterns and behaviors you have, as well as tools and recommendations on how to change those which may not be working for you. You will feel empowered to lead the life you want.


This is the beginning of a never ending road to self-discovery and empowerment.

Who is the course for?

This program is for everyone who is seeking personal growth. You can be in the middle of a crisis or not, as there is always room for growth! You just need to want to face at yourself. And that takes courage. So, are you prepared for it?

Benefits of live.

Unlike pre-recorded webinars, live interaction amongst participants and your coach is a key element of this course. It does not only enable you to learn from other people’s experiences (and to realize we are not alone as we are all more or less the same), but it also allows you to answer any questions and bounce off any ideas or concerns that you may have at that time. 

Although the course has a plan, live interaction allows us to deviate from plans accordingly to the groups’ needs. Each of us is an ever evolving living cell, and so is this course. There are no 2 the same.

Program Differential

Our work is based on Ontology, an ancient  philosophy which studies the conception of the character of reality. As humans, we have perceptions of reality and our lives are determined by it. The branch of this philosophy that studies the human being is called Ontology of Language, which basically studies our Way of Being. 

Our Way of Being is the underlying driver of the results that we achieve in life, at a personal and professional level. It is shaped by our perceptions and attitudes, many of which may be deep seated and out of awareness. In order for us to achieve different results in life, we need to, firstly, become aware of such perceptions and attitudes, and secondly, learn how to transform them into effective patterns of communication and behavior.

And the best of it all is that these are all concepts and tools incredibly simple – but hugely powerful. A very rare but super effective combination.

Quick Details.


Live Sessions via Web

(Zoom or similar)


3rd Edition: 23 February - 13 April, 2021

4rd Edition: 5 April - 24 May, 2021


3rd Edition: 6pm - 8pm (London)

4th Edition: 6pm - 8pm (New York)

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16 hrs total

8 weeks (2 hours per class)



About this course

Unlike regular courses, we do not  teach you a specific subject. Instead, we show you new perspectives on the way to see and reflect upon your own life, in an interactive and hands-on experience.


We tend to think of our lives as full of facts, ignoring that most of those thoughts are merely perceptions of facts. And our suffering comes from those perceptions or opinions, not by the actual facts.


This program aims at raising awareness about the person you are today, how you see yourself and how you see your life, in order to clearly differentiate what beliefs and behaviours are working for you, and what you would like to change.


We assure you that investing time into empowering yourself is one of the most rewarding things you will ever do.


What will you choose?

The Awakening


You can enroll in 'UCHOOSE 1: The Awakening' as a single standalone course or as a bundle with 'UCHOOSE 2: The Revolution' for further savings. 




  • Live Online Courses

  • 6 Months / 81 hrs combined total

  • Save $500 vs individual prices



UCHOOSE 1: The Awakening

  • Live Online Course

  • 8 Weeks

  • Launch Special: Save 50% on regular price

Meet your coach.

Paula is a spontaneous , good-humoured and down to earth woman who is passionate about what she does.

She has undergone profound transformation herself and it is her passion to guide people towards their own, should they be seeking for ti. She is a certified Ontological Coach as well as a business woman, friend, girlfriend and hopefully future mother.

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