Take a step further to undo and re-do yourself again while connecting with your most profound inner self. Unleash an immeasurable potential in you that you did not know it existed, but you always had.

The Revolution

A lot of our suffering is caused by the way we see things and not by the way things are. The Awakening is a wakeup call for you to identify, understand and start undoing self-barriers that are preventing you to get where you want in life.

The Awakening


Let us guide you on the wonderful task of observing you as a parent – and your children, as per who they really are – defying beliefs and behaviors that may be limiting you to feel satisfied in the challenging adventure of parenting. 




Really enjoyed the course, it was absolutely helpful to me mainly due to three reasons:

Continuity – weekly meetings that made me think about my inner self on a continuous basis that otherwise I wouldn’t have done. Also for the content, I really enjoyed the tools and concepts we got to learn that then allowed me to apply to my life. And finally, the community we built in a very short time - I was really astonished and appreciated the openness of the other participants and I really liked the way we exchange thoughts and ideas. We built a really nice group that will last beyond that course I believe.

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to find themselves discussing things that are not often discussed (but should be), without the dogma of any religion or ideology.


UCHOOSE I, for me was the rare occasion I took to spend time on myself. And it had been ages! It’s convenient to preempt any opportunities for deconstructing the reality we envelop ourselves in to stay sane, but boy is it liberating to lift that cloak.


I’m thankful to Paula and my sisters from around the world for sharing our inward journeys, for reminding me how much agency I have over my life and how important it is to look back. Often. on the path one takes for granted. I would totally recommend it, it’s aptly named UCHOOSE after all, because no one will do this for you but yourself. ☺ Go go go!


(United States)

I would have never imagined that talking about such simple, day to day aspects of life could have such a profound impact on the way I live my life. UCHOOSE 1 and 2 were really an eye opening experience that I think should be almost mandatory for everyone to go through. And it is no magic. But it almost feels like it after having gone through it! 

(South Africa)

Paula's course was well thought out and beautifully presented.  She made a space where we were free to express ourselves without judgement. Everyone felt at ease and were able to connect and communicate easily with each other. As the courses went on I could see the progress in us all through Paula great ability to encourage, guide and motivate us without imposing any beliefs or judgements on us. I would do this course over and over,  there is so much space for growth and to explore your own mind and capabilities.

1-on-1 Ontological Coaching

Discover the immeasurable potential within you to overcome whatever obstacle you may have in individual, powerful & effective Ontological Coaching sessions with a certified coach.