Course duration total: 16 hrs

What's included?


8 live group sessions of 2 hours each on a weekly basis (via Zoom or similar). Total of 16 hours.


2 personal guides designed for you to reflect upon your life based in our weekly discussions, which are reviewed by your coach & sent back with questions and comments to further deepen your self-awareness.


1 ontological coaching session** with your coach that you may have anytime during the course. Lasts around 1 hour (via Zoom or similar).


Optional reading material.


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More coaching sessions available upon request. To see available options please click here.




Let us guide you on the wonderful task of observing you as a parent – and your children, as per who they really are – defying beliefs and behaviors that may be limiting you to feel satisfied in the challenging adventure of parenting. 

Make the difference

What will you get out of this course?

Time for your own! When was the last time you put yourself first?

You will get time to reflect on your thoughts, emotions and behavioral patterns. This course gives you the opportunity to identify the way you project yourself in your children (without realizing), limiting them and yourself (as a result).

You will gain self-confidence and self-worthiness as parent, becoming more acceptant of who you are, as well as aware of who you want to be.

Benefits of live.

Unlike pre-recorded webinars, live interaction amongst participants and your coach is a key element of this course. It does not only enable you to learn from other people’s experiences (and to realize we are not alone as we are all more or less the same), but it also allows you to answer any questions and / or bounce off any ideas or concerns that you may have at that time.


Each course is a living cell – we all make it and it is as unique as its participants.

Who is the course for?

This program is for parents who want to enjoy their parenting, grow in their relationships with their children and themselves, and ultimately, feel confident as parents.

Program Differential

This program is different from others because it is not a parenting handbook that answers all of our unanswerable questions. It is not a “how-to-parent” strategies course.


Our approach is on your own personal growth, as an individual. It offers the opportunity to change focus from what’s “wrong” in your children to how do you see them (and yourself) as individuals, enabling you to do something about it. You have only got power over yourself.


You can enroll in Parenting as a standalone course.




  • Live Online Course

  • 8 weeks course total

  • Launch Special: Save 50% on regular price

Quick Details.


Live Sessions via Web

(Zoom or similar)


Starts: June 15th, 2021

Ends: August 3rd, 2021


6pm - 8pm (London)

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16 hrs total

8 weeks (2 hours per class)


$199 - Launch Special! 

(Reg $400)

About this course

As parents we struggle sometimes; we are constantly exposed to uncertainty, fear and frustration. We often find ourselves looking for answers, methods and guarantees to minimize our vulnerabilities, in order to raise happy and successful children so that they can live a perfect life with little or no suffering.

Yet this is a very seductive plan, it can be dangerous. The need for guarantees often derives in intolerance, search for perfectionism and tough judgments towards ourselves. As a result, we end up feeling anxious, fearful and unsatisfied with who we are – as parents and individuals.

In this program we invite you to discover new perspectives on the way you perceive your children, as well as yourselves, as parents. It is an opportunity to get to know yourself more deeply and raise your self-consciousness, defying beliefs that may be keeping you away from seeing your children for who they really are, empowering them to be who they want to be.

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Meet your coach.

Paula Achaval Rodriguez

As a mother of four amazing children, I have learnt that nothing I ever studied could guarantee me being a good mom. In parenting, there are no guarantees nor certainties, and that’s the beauty of it.

Working for +20 years as an educational psychologist prepared me very well to work alongside children, embracing difficulties as opportunities, focusing on their strengths, and walking by their side through acceptance and resilience. I am  also very grateful to my experience with all the parents I have guided and still guide in the process, as they prepared me even further to become a parent myself.

Lastly, the cherry on the cake was to become a certified Ontological Coach. I had (and still have) to go deep inside of me and embrace my own vulnerabilities. And this offered me the chance to live my motherhood in a very different way. Not perfect, sometimes messy, but full of meaning and real.