Session duration: 1 hr

What's included?


One hour (approx.) per session, via Zoom or similar.

Sessions bundle option available.


Post session actionable step plan customised to your needs (if applicable)



The Revolution.

Take a step further to undo and re-do yourself again while connecting with your most profound inner self. Unleash an immeasurable potential in you that you did not know it existed, but you always had.

Make the difference

What will you get out of taking individual coaching sessions?

We cannot say for certain as it all depends on you, how far you are willing to go, and how truthful you choose to be to yourself.

Results you could see in yourself may include the following: increased self-confidence and increased self-esteem.  Improved of communication skills and productivity on your daily routines.


Ontology is an ancient  philosophy which studies the conception of the character of reality. As humans, we have perceptions of reality and our lives are determined by it. The branch of this philosophy that studies the human being is called Ontology of Language, which basically studies our Way of Being. 

Ontological Coaching is the practice of such philosophy.

Who are individual coaching sessions for?

Any individual seeking for personal growth (to be applied to your personal and to your professional life - we are a single human after all.)


Keep in mind that you may talk about any personal and / or professional matter. However, it is up to your assigned coach to determine if your case is out of the Ontological Coaching boundaries (if a psychological pathology is detected, for example), in which case your coach will declare himself or herself incompetent and your money will be fully refunded. 


You can buy a single session at a time*, or buy a 4 session bundle for further savings.

*Launch Special rate available on first session only



1 Hour Online Session

  • Online Session

  • 1 Hour

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 4 x 1 Hour Online Sessions

  • Online Sessions

  • 4 Session Bundle

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Quick Details.


Live Sessions via Web

(Zoom or similar)

Start Dates

Whenever you want!*

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*subject to availability


Whenever you want!*

Click here to book your session.

*subject to availability


1 hour per session


$40 Limited time offer 

(Reg $80)

About this 

A 1 on 1 Ontological Coaching session allows you to address perceptions and behaviors deeply rooted in your Way of Being that may be limiting you to get where you want in life. Throughout the session, your coach accompanies you to discover your inner potential while developing new ways to see & act in life in order to achieve extraordinary results.

In an individual coaching session, your coach guides you through your own learning process through (mainly) powerful questions; it is not a teaching nor a life recommendation session.

There is nothing more powerful than arriving to ‘the’ realization on your own instead of it being told to you.

What will you choose?

50% Off

We're offering 1-On-1 Ontological Coaching sessions at 50% off as a Launch Special. Offer Valid until 15th March 2021 . If you know someone that would benefit from individual coaching sessions, share this offer with them.

1-On-1 Otological Coaching

Meet your coaches.

Paula Ghilardotti

Paula is a spontaneous , good-humoured and down to earth woman who is passionate about what she does.

She has undergone profound transformation herself and it is her passion to guide people towards their own, should they be seeking for ti. She is a certified Ontological Coach as well as a business woman, friend, girlfriend and hopefully future mother.

Paula Achaval Rodriguez

As a mother of four amazing children, I have learnt that nothing I ever studied could guarantee me being a good mom. In parenting, there are no guarantees nor certainties, and that’s the beauty of it.

Working for +20 years as an educational psychologist prepared me very well to work alongside children, embracing difficulties as opportunities, focusing on their strengths, and walking by their side through acceptance and resilience. I am  also very grateful to my experience with all the parents I have guided and still guide in the process, as they prepared me even further to become a parent myself.

Lastly, the cherry on the cake was to become a certified Ontological Coach. I had (and still have) to go deep inside of me and embrace my own vulnerabilities. And this offered me the chance to live my motherhood in a very different way. Not perfect, sometimes messy, but full of meaning and real.