Born in Justiniano Posse, a rural town of 8 thousand people in Cordoba, Argentina. Youngest one of three siblings.

Baby me at the farm...loved that place!

My Story

Paula Ghilardotti

As a child my favorite thing was spending the afternoons in the farm collecting eggs, riding the truck & playing tennis with my father.

Apparently I learned how to drive trucks before cars ☺


From a young age I started competing in tennis. My mum used to drive me 100km to a nearby city to practice since I was 10 years old (and to every tournament too!). Although it was all my choice (my parents never forced me to compete), I felt like it was too much the effort from them for me to disappoint. My demanding self-started from a very young age.

Best mum in the whole wide world


My 15th birthday party was my first real party. At the time I had little to none social life due to my sporty lifestyle, and I even struggled to fill the party with kids of my age. Still, it was epic! 

Greetings upon entrance, felt like quite the celebrity!


By 16  I quit competing in tennis. My nerves and auto-imposed pressure prohibited me from performing at the level I knew I could in tournaments. It was a constant feeling of frustration that lasted far too many years. I hated so much that feeling of frustration that it developed into a strong fear to fail…


At 17 my parents divorced and soon after my family’s business closed doors. I could not deal with it all so I chose to hide away my feelings having fun with my new and awesome friends, in my new social life.

Hometown friends


That same year I left home for a year abroad as an exchange student in USA. Although it was overall amazing, I did cried for 3 months in a row missing my friends and family. I then learned what my family & friends truly meant to me.


With 24 years I was again thirsty for adrenaline. I felt I needed MORE of I did not really know what. So I moved to Sao Paulo, Brazil, to pursue what I thought was my passion then. I thought I would finally feel complete once I worked in something I loved. 

Avenida Paulista at night (São Paulo)


At 19 and thanks to my sister, an opportunity to play tennis for an University in the US came up. For some reason, anything that would take me out of my comfort zone pleased me… So I decided to give it a try. There I spent some of the best years of my life, where I met some of my best friends (and adopted parents) up to this date.

My sister and I, enjoying independence day with our adopted parents from US


By 26 I again felt like I needed a change, something in my life was still not right. I was still looking for that something that would make me feel whole. This time, the adventure was to Iraq. For 2.5 years I lived one of the most incredible experiences of all, while the ‘prohibited romance' (with this girl) persisted in a neglected way, as I kept trying (tirelessly) to fall in love with a man. Failed.

My one and only day of tourism while in Basra, Iraq.


With 29, clueless in terms of what to do with my life, I decided it was time for a new change (yay!) so I decided come back to Argentina to pursue an MBA which later on led to a corporate job. The disconnection between my feelings and my doings (in my personal life), sort of became a total disconnection including my professional life. I was following the ‘social norm’ not really knowing why nor what for.

Graduation day


An intense but not-quite public relationship with a woman failed again and my life fell apart. Nothing made sense anymore. I did not like my job nor the city I lived in… I had hit rock bottom. It was the beginning of the end: the end of an era of non-acceptance, of going against myself.


I finally decided to fully embrace myself, starting with my sexuality, which also led to embracing my passions. My essence, basically. All my life I praised that I did “whatever I wanted”. Lies. It is here when I took charge of my life and started doing what I really wanted: so I quit my corporate job and decided to follow my dreams – acknowledging all fears without letting them lead my way. 

Taking charge of who I really was felt like touching the sky with my hands. 


She was to blame of all my unhappiness until I realized I owned my happiness. But that took quite some time and a lot of unnecessary suffering to realize. In search of my true self, I started studying to become an Ontological Coach. Little did I know I was about to face the most extraordinary journey to self-empowerment of all. It was a year of re-birth… the same re-birth I now want to offer to the world.

It can suck at times… but it is so, so, worthwhile people!


I realized that my purpose is nothing in particular and everything at the same time. Living life to the fullest remaining loyal to my essence – every day – is my purpose. UCHOOSE is born, by Milagros' side, who I plan to live happily with for the rest of my life.


LOVE LIFE. After years of ignoring my true feelings “trying” to fall in love with guys, I went with the flow and had the first romance with a girl… something I had been denying to myself since a teenager and had been growing inside of me like a silent bomb.