Passion. For human beings. Living in a world filled with loving human beings is what drives us. 

Simplicity. We approach some of the most complex human matters in a simple and actionable way.

Authenticity. There are no 2 humans alike and we strive towards boosting our own uniqueness. 

Compassion.  Enough of self-demand. If we do not treat ourselves compassionately, who else will?

Personalization. No canned product can lead to true transformation. We take it and make it personal. 

Open-mindedness. We raise the right questions so that you can find you own answers. 

Joy. When joy is wrestled from the depth of despair, it can transform the world. 

What we aren't

We are no life Gurus. We are not better than you in any shape or form. We have just undergone personal transformation ourselves and want to pass on our methods & learnings.

We have no ‘5 simple steps’ to transformation. We take on personal growth seriously and consider it takes time, dedication and especially a lot of love to achieve it. 

We hold no truths. We are not here to impose – we are here to share. You are the owner of what you choose to believe as true. Most of our courses are based on philosophical information which has transcended over centuries. However, it may not make sense to you, and that is absolutely fine. We love debates, it enriches us all! 

Meet Paula, the founder.

I spent most of my life searching for the famous 'purpose'. Such a lifestyle had many rewards, such as living in different countries and learning from exploration. However, I did not realize that the more I searched for that sense of fulfillment in the outside, the more I was ignoring my true self.

Not long ago I went through a ‘reborn’ process and it was the most amazing journey of all. I empowered myself to be who I am, to choose my beliefs, to take charge of my passions and dreams. It was not an easy nor a quick fix, but definitely one of a kind. And since then, I could not stop thinking ‘the world needs this’.

I found my purpose when I embraced my essence… The answer was always within.

Allow me to share with you my story 

With love,

Our mission is that you choose to live a richer, happier and fulfilling life, according to your circumstances instead of dictated by them.

We all want to be better: better persons, better at our jobs, better parents, better friends. And we are with you there – we only aim to guide you through that journey of personal growth through abundance, compassion and acceptance, acknowledging there is no place to reach, but rather to enjoy the ride.


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